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Welcome to Sacrifice, home of the friendliest, chattiest and most helpful players on the server!

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SacrificeLeader, Mar 31, 12 10:30 AM.
Hi guys, it's me!
I logged in today to tell people that i shall be uninstalling te game, after taking a break and finding that i still do not enjoy the game. I said goodbye to my friends who were online, sent mails to some of my closest in game friends and made sure that i could keep contact with some of the guildies.
It was a hard choice to uninstall the game that i have played for so long and grown to have some good friends with. But my more recent experiences have darkened the game in my eyes and i don't feel that i can keep playing.
After i have finished writing this, i shall make Wazikasi admin of the site and i will have shed all of my responsibilities of this guild. If you wish to speak to me outside of game, you can add my steam (Kwizz) or look out for me in another game, usually with a name like Kwizz, too :P
I had a great time leading and being in Sacrifice and will miss everyone alot! Bye! D':
Best wishes, Overdraw.

Regalia change

Iberkuti, Mar 7, 12 5:19 AM.
I was just wondering... Should we try to get 12 k to change the regalia or lvl the guild?
Both would be nice...

Dogrite might not be on for a few days

Dogrite, Mar 2, 12 5:04 PM.
Hello everyone,
Just saying that I might not be on for a while because my patch is taking for ever to download.
Well anyway send my love to all the guild (tell everyone who isn't on the website) and I will be online when I can.
Your favourite senior officer,
Senior officer and Treasurer of Sacrifice Guild

Our home :)

Iberkuti, Feb 27, 12 5:54 AM.

Patch notes!

Iberkuti, Feb 15, 12 7:26 AM.
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